Top reasons why students choose Australia

Australia as a destination has been very popular among the student community and even with the parents equally for many appealing reasons.

  1. Australian universities consistently rank in the global rankings ~ QS World University Rankings, The Times Higher Education Rankings and so on.
  2. Universities engage in cutting edge research and industry partnerships which define the quality of teaching in Australian universities and their graduate outcomes too which are some of the best in the world
  3. Popular programs include ~ Business & Management, Finance & Accounting, Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering (Civil, Mechanical & Electrical), Biotechnology, Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Animation, Tourism & Hospitality ...etc
  4. Work integrated learning (WIL) is very popular because it allows the students to graduate with local experience and makes easy the transition to full-time jobs post graduation
  5. Part-time work ~ students never ever complained about the opportunity to engage in part-time work while study to acclimatise socially and culturally to earn sufficient to meet their living expenses like rent, food, travel and communication
  6. The national minimum wage for 2023 is $21.38 per hour as per the Fair Works Commission
  7. Universities offer very liberal scholarships to help the academically bright students financially to help them realize their dream of studying abroad. Students qualify upto 35% on the total tuition fee of the program, if the conditions are met*
  8. Quality of education and safety of international students is one of the highest priority of the Australian Government. Learn more about this on ESOS Act, Australia.
  9. Australian lifestyle is something that students quickly fall in love with - Australians emphasise lifestyle which is balancing work with leisure, the beaches, wide open spaces and the picturesque natural scenery
  10. Australian economy is one of the most resilient and consistently growing economy and hence they always have labour shortage in the most in-demand skills which translates into an opportunity for international students. Students who graduates from Australian University are legally extended the right to stay and work in Australia for 2 to upto 4 years to work and gain global experience and make successful transition to the Australia permanently, if the conditions are met