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Australian universities have very liberal scholarships to help students with the financial aid to embark on the journey of study in Australia to achieve their academic needs and career goals. Most of the universities offer academic merit scholarships which are linked to the academic percentage that the student has scored in his Class 12 and his undergraduation like B.Com/BBA/BSc/ B.Tech and alike. To decipher it more easily few scholarships offered by some of the universities are mentioned below for your reference (they are limited to the year 2022).

Universities offering scholarships to study in Australia

  • La Trobe University
    * If the student has 55-69.9% and he is eligible for 20% Scholarship for all section students.
    * If the student has 70-74.9% and he is eligible for 25% Scholarship for all section students.
    * If the student has 75+ and he is eligible for 30% Scholarship for all section students.
  • Deakin University
    * If the student has 55-74.9% and he is eligible for 20% Scholarship.
    * If the student has 75% and above and he is eligible for 25% Scholarship.
  • Swinburne University
    * George's Swinburne Scholarship : Flat 30% for all Master programs like IT, Data Science, Cybersecurity, Business, Bio-Technology, Construction & Engineering.
  • University of Wollongong
    * 20% for all applied students
    * 30% if the student has 65% and Above.
  • Melbourne Institute of Technology
    * Up to AUD3320 (Master of Networking - All majors - AUD2600, M-engineering (Telecommunication) AUD3320, M-Data Analytics -AUD3200)
  • Central Queensland University
    * Flat 25% for all applied students
  • James Cook University, Townsville
    * International Excellence Scholarship 25% tuition fee deduction on total fees of 2 years on meeting the academic criteria
  • Federation University
    * 20% Global Innovative scholarship on entire fee*(For Section 1 & 2 eligible for 2nd Division and For Section 3 must need 1st Division)
    * 25% Global Excellence Scholarship (Only for Section - 1 must need 1st Division)

Best Universities to Study in Australia

swinburne university
jamescook university
jamescook university
Latrobe university
navitas university
victorian institute
Tasmania university
Deakin university
victoria university
western sydney university
sauthern cross university
charles sturt university
sauthern cross university
melbourne university
fedaration university
university of australia
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