Genuine Student Test vs Genuine Temporary Entrant

The "Genuine Student Test" (GST) and "Genuine Temporary Entrant" (GTE) are both concepts related to Australian student visas, but they serve different purposes:

Purpose GTE is a criterion applied by the Australian Department of Home Affairs during the assessment of student visa applications (subclass 500). It aims to ensure that individuals applying for student visas genuinely intend to stay in Australia temporarily for the purpose of study and have a genuine intention to comply with visa conditions. The Genuine Student Test evaluates whether the applicant's intention to study in Australia is genuine and consistent with the objectives of the student visa program. It seeks to prevent misuse of the visa system for purposes other than genuine study.
Assessment GTE assessment involves evaluating various factors, including the applicant's immigration history, personal circumstances, previous compliance with visa conditions, potential immigration pathways, and the relevance of the chosen course of study to the applicant's circumstances. The assessment of genuineness revolves around various factors, including: a) Applicant's immigration history and compliance with visa conditions (if applicable), b) Relevance of the chosen course of study to the applicant's academic and career goals, c) Applicant's financial capacity to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other costs associated with studying in Australia, and d) Applicant's ties to their home country, such as family, employment prospects, and personal commitments, which may indicate their intention to return after completing their studies.
Documentation Applicants may need to provide documentation such as statements of purpose, evidence of financial capacity, academic records, and any other relevant documents to support their genuine intention to study temporarily in Australia. Applicants are typically required to submit various documents like statements of purpose, evidence of financial capacity, academic records, and any other relevant document to support their visa application and demonstrate their genuine intention to study in Australia.
In simple terms the focus is more on intentions like genuine intent to study in Australia and intent of temporary stay in Australia the focus is more on your intent and preparedness for study and successfully graduating from the institution you enrol in Australia and the emphasis will be less on your long term plans in Australia. You might have to attempt a test of interview before the student visa approval. It is a more quicker process yet rigorous and the date of implementation is not finalised yet