Australia Post Study Work Visa

Hey students! Did you know that Australia offers an incredible opportunity for international students? With a post-study work permit, you can stay and work in Australia for 7+ years after completing your studies. International students can avail Subclass 485 visa which allows you to stay and work for part-time or fulltime in Australia. It's a fantastic chance to gain valuable work experience and explore everything this beautiful country has to offer. Check out different regions and universities in Australia which offer the most generous post-study work permits and kickstart your career journey today!

Post study work permit shall be granted based on the university and particular region the university is located. Australia is divided into three major regions.


This zone contains major cities and urban centers such as Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. MSB areas are highly developed, with a lot of opportunities in various industries and sectors. Students who opt for universities in this zone shall get 2 years PSWP for bachelors courses and 3 years for master’s programs. However, due to their high population density and competitive job markets, visa options and incentives for international students and migrants may differ compared to regional areas.

Regional Areas

Regional areas cover towns, cities, and rural areas outside the major urban centers. Universities in this region offer 2+1 years of PSWP for bachelor courses, and 3+1 years for master’s courses. These regions often offer distinct advantages such as lower living costs, a more relaxed lifestyle, and specific incentives to attract migrants and international students. The Australian government promotes migration to regional areas to address skill shortages, support local economies, and distribute population growth more evenly across the country.

Designated Area Migration Agreements (DAMA)

Universities located in these regions offer 4 years of PSWP for students who opt for bachelor’s courses and 5 years for masters courses. DAMA refers to specific agreements between the Australian government and regional employers or industries to address labor shortages in designated areas. These agreements allow employers in participating regions to sponsor skilled workers from overseas for positions that cannot be filled by local workers. DAMA aims to support economic growth and development in designated areas by facilitating targeted migration pathways for skilled workers.

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