#teamIVY has scored 489 visas for the year 2017. We deeply thank everyone for your love and support.
  • Avadani Prasanth Bhamidipati
    Avadani Prasanth Bhamidipati
    09:51 29 Dec 17
    IVY Overseas consultancy is a one-stop destination for all those who aspire to fly high in their career. I have a huge gratitude for my consultant Pavani, she not only guided me to plan my higher education but also helped me in preparing all required legal documents. She takes care of even minute things and sees that everything goes perfect. I appreciate the patience she shows in handling the clients and the personal care she takes in understanding the student’s mindset and plans which happened in my case too. The entire tedious process would never be such simple without her support. Whatsoever the time might be if any queries, an immediate response and assistance was just a phone call away. I always wonder from where she gets all that patience from. Hats off to all your patience in answering all my queries even at odd times of the day and also thanks for being my strength through the entire process. My journey along with the team IVY was amazing and they became a part of my family. With the tremendous support from your entire team I got my visa stamped. Thanks IVY…!!!
    chinmai modugula
    chinmai modugula
    07:34 30 Dec 17
    i can say it is the best consultancy among all consultancies which i came in contact in AP. The way they treat the students is exceptional and moreover the directors of ivy are mind blowing. They will answer your queries 24*7 which is the best thing which i haven't seen in other consultancies. Each and every time i called either ram sir or srinivas sir they replied to me with patience. The ability of any consultancy depends upon the success rate of complicated visa cases and my application is one of them and they have done it exceptionally well with ease
    Tharak dc
    Tharak dc
    05:54 05 Feb 18
    Want to go abroad for higher studies this is the best place consult...... My process was taken care very smoothly from application till Visa each and every step I was helped and almost everything was done by them. It's all thanks to Pavani who regularly keeps in contact with us and updates the progress of our application. Even when I'm not in town they did asa the works which I was supposed to submit them starting from Xerox to Notary. I have visited other consultancies also but this the best one you can find here. Very satisfied with their services.
    swaroop yelleti
    swaroop yelleti
    07:08 31 Jan 18
    Firstly, I should mention the name PAVANI before negotiating about Ivy Overseas consultancy. A great helping consultant will always make the consultancy proud in achieving visa's or whatever. She was very helpful and supportive in every step which you are taking forward. Once you submit the required documents , your job was almost done. In very few days the visa will be in your hands.
    kanchi sandeep kumar
    kanchi sandeep kumar
    05:36 06 Nov 17
    Passion, Determination, Ambitious about my/your dream higher education. Yes it's a right place (IVY Overseas VIZAG..) its not about the words that describes. It's Staff workmanship over there which speak volumes. Particularly CANADA & AUSTRALIA. Guys its real time experience, if you u have all required & supported documents. IVY can help u getting admission in max 20 days from CANADA and 25 days for AUSTRALIA. Keep Trust and patience with IVY it has happens with me.
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Studying abroad is not a new concept and it has been for a very long time that people have chosen to study abroad since it is life changing and hence priceless an experience. Ever since the advent of globalization,migration has become so common because firms started establishing their operations in more than one country and thus making the world a global village with virtually no geographical boundaries. In the context of globalization, employers are increasingly looking at prospective hires who would be able to compete with people across the globe. Overseas education has, therefore, more or less is a subject of discussion in every family and it is so typical for students of 21st century to dream about studying abroad.

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  • It is highly transformative and experience and your outlook towards life (professional and personal) changes.
  • It teaches you a lot of good things and the ability to live independently.
  • It leaves you high caliber.
  • Qualifications are highly applied and henced students hit the groun running.
  • An opportunity to share the classroom space with people from many parts of the world. Cultural immersion in itself is a learning experience that broadens your outlook towards life.
  • The focus of the education to the core is to enhance independent and creative thinking.
  • An opportunity learns the seamless job of adapting which builds your potential.
  • It teaches you to be an expert at the subtle and emotional aspects of transition.
  • You reinvent yourself and experiment with new identities.
  • You explore the foreign lands which teach you what the world is like.
  • An opportunity to join the cohort of global citizens and as well a gateway to the world of opportunities.
  • Global cosmopolitans see change as normal and hence they change ready which is a very important attribute for professional success.
  • Being in a global environment and studying abroad students usually graduate with a world of confidence.
  • Cross-border experience nurtures many skills that groom your personal and professional life.
  • Overseas qualification adds value to your resume and increases your competitiveness.
  • A decision to study abroad hints at growth since you are prepared to grow out of your comfort zone where you grow to your fullest potential.

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