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Winsdor College Success Story (Canada)

Student name: Hariharan,
University: Windsor University,
Program: Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering,
Job & Company: Working as Junior Geotechnical Engineer in an Engineering Consulting firm called EXP Services Inc. I filed the PR finished biometrics and medicals everything but it got delayed due to Corona and the expected date of hearing from the Immigration is 21st of December 2020

How did he navigate the path from study to landing a job in the highly competitive job market?
I graduated with 3+ GPA and I have applied for almost 200 jobs and I got three interviews. First one I cleared for the surveying job but I’m not satisfied with the pay and work. Third interview was with EXP services inc, initially I applied for Quality control technician in the geotechnical department and worked hard in the first year. I showed a lot of potential to my supervisor and project managers from then on when they promoted me to engineering works.
He is paid CAD 75k per annum and is trying to build his career by focussing on Professional Engineering (PEng). I’ve got my EIT (Engineering Institute of Technology) certificate and am now accumulating the experience to register for PEO. And I need to give an exam then an interview. EIT certificate does not need any experience.
2 years of professional or associate level experience is required and design experience or issuing technical reports to clients after Masters is necessary to become a Professional Engineer. And also you need to get reference from the project managers who already have PEng saying that we worked under them on certain works.

The job search process
I’ve applied on the company website but I saw the posting on LinkedIn. I would say LinkedIn is the best platform. Now I’m working for the Metrolinx Railway bridge project for the deep foundations. The budget of the project is $170 Million with 3 years of time. My main target is to get into the city of Toronto engineering department after getting PEng. But the taxes are way too high in Canada. That's the only frustrating thing. I believe continuous hard work, dedication, commitment to your goal will take us to success.