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H1B Success Story of a student!

A student of IVY who graduated with MS in MS in Electrical Engineering from University of Central Oklahoma in January 2019 has got his H1B picked this April 2020 (first attempt). His status changed from F1 to H1B and he is yet to get the stamping done which usually happens in October and he says he is planning to go to Canada for stamping because the chances are more in Canada than the USA.

His employment details and job-hunt process are furnished below for your reference

Company name: Haynes Equipment Company
Position: Scada System Engineer
Work address: Oklahoma
Salary: USD 90k per annum with benefits
Job-hunt: He maintained a very strong LinkedIn profile and applied for as many positions as possible on DICE and INDEED and kept on attending interviews. Finally he cleared two rounds with Haynes Equipment Company and set his foot with the industry