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Success story of a student - Swinburne University

Student name: Vinay Sai Vaddeboina
Intake: February 2018
Program: Master of Science Network Systems

He is a very ambitious student from Warangal. After graduation worked for Wipro sometime in Mumbai and did not like what he was doing and was not happy about spending time on something that he is not liking to the core and was feeling down about not using time productively. When he shared the same with his father he advised him to quit and study abroad in any country of his choice and program too. The student has chosen Australia for many obvious reasons like many other Indian students and today he is very very happy about his decision and the transformation he lived and experienced in Australia which helped him to discover his potential and the new and more confident HIM.

In the words of the students:

The student did his elective in the 3rd semester which he was supposed to do in the 4th semester. During the 4th semester, a senior lecturer in Swinburne interviewed him to check his preparedness for the job market which the university usually does to help graduates land a job after graduation. His name is Dr Caslon Chua from the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering. The student recalls my statement here - Professors are the first window to the industry and being in the best books of the professors always helps immensely for students. During the 4th semester when the students were being interviewed to check their preparedness for the industry and also to uphold the reputation of the Swinburne University before shortlisting candidates to be sent to any employer for screening for any jobs/positionsand.

This guy was shortlisted and his profile was sent to the employer for further screening. The student was then invited for an interview by the employer and it is Project X IT and Security and he cleared the two rounds of interview and finally was offered an internship role as a "Penetration Tester" and that was unpaid for 6 months which he started October in 2019 as a part of his 4th semester study with the university. After 6 months he was offered a full time role with AUD 55000 for the first three months during the probation and then AUD 80000 after probation with a full-time employee status. Unfortunately the owner of the firm died due to some health reasons and the firm went into liquidation he adds. However the student says - the 6 months of internship experience and the 1.5 months of full time probation experience built his confidence like anything to navigate the job market and to crack interviews for careers he was looking for.

He immediately started looking for jobs and uploaded his profiles everywhere possible and soon he got a call from a company in less than a month and he cleared the interview there. The name of the company is SecureMation in Brisbane and the reporting date is June 1st week. His position is Security Analyst and will be paid AUD 55000 during the first 3 months of probation and then AUD 60000 after probation. The student is in Melbourne now and he is concerned about the interstate travel restrictions and the quarantine expenses and the flights are costly too and top of that. He adds, flights from Melbourne to Brisbane are costing the student around AUD 750 now and then quarantine for 14 days in a 5 star hotel once he arrives Brisbane as advised by the Govt of Australia is approx AUD 4500 and then top of that he has to sign a lease agreement with for accommodation too which is again an expense. All in all the student is super happy about the study and learning experience in SWINBURNE University and that would by all means be a formative experience in life. Happy evening & take care!