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Lambton College Success Story

First and foremost thing is Lambton College which a public run college has a very good and strict course structure making all the courses to pass a mandatory thing and achieving 2.5GPA is the completing norm to achieve the Graduation certificate.Honestly speaking the job search is a hard task which everyone has to go through on there own as no college in Canada helps with the Job search but the Internship program which is for 4 months helped me gain real time experience in the software market making me familiar with the work in real world.My overall experience is that during the course of study in Lambton,we can work later time and with some help pay our course fee all by yourself with just a little bit of financial help from friends putting no strain on the family for financial expense.But to survive in the job market one has to work and learn harder and harder to survive.

Company: Fresh works
Position: Automation Test Developer
Pay: 40 per hour