The process was relaxing to me. And i am happy that i got into best school in France.

It has given me a great relief interms of educational institution selection.
And yes, i will definitely suggest others to start here in Ivy SR nagar branch. I dont know about other branches in vizag or other places…but SR nagar Ivy is at its best. Go for it. All the Best.

I have obtained visa to study Master of Information Systems from USQ Towoomba for Feb 2017. To me it is the best and I have been to many consultancies in the city of Hyderabad and once I went to IVY and spoke to Srinivas sir I did not feel going to anyone else. He is one of the best in city with 9 yrs of experience and the team – Haritha and Archana who handled my entire process are very patient and nice. Talk to Srinivas sir at 9966 19 50000 for any information about study abroad. All the very best #teamIVY and thanks for everything. Will cherish the time spent in the office ever.

I feel that your’s is people friendly consultancy. I went arround 20 consultancies but no one treated like your team. The information regardless of country that you had is boundless and you people keep on updating information especially srinivas bongarala sir. I want to say special thanks to jadageesh sir, he keeps on telling the positive lines and he makes every one feel comfortable like kidding and clears every single doubt that I have. You people recieves every student as a pleasure and takes as a resposibility. I just want to say that continue with the bond between you and people.

Thank you ###teamIVY###

Best consultancy ever met in my life.They are genuine in their work and ethics.i would recommend every 1 who is planning for abroad to get complete details about particular university and countries there are planning from Srinivas garu .He is genuine and set realistic tasks and approach them with real experience.Haritha mam is too good and dedicated to work for long hours to reach her targets .

Sop is the main reason I went to ivy then I came to know that not only sop there are consultants who helped me like own family and never got irritated eventhough I was disturbing them that gave every answer ,cleared my doubts and lead me to gain my visa ty Srinivas and jagadeesh sir soo much its because of u people I’m here u helped me to build a path for my dream once again ty so much sir

My process with the #teamIVY is undoubtedly was so smooth and they will take care of everything and the team is highly proactive. Undoubtedly the best in the city of Hyderabad and services second to one. Speak to Srinivas @ 99661 95000 to feel the difference. Thanks #teamIVY and once I recommend everyone to process with IVY Overseas

Team IVY is the coolest and most supportive group of people I have ever met in any consultancy.

Initially I made wrong decisions for my future study and exhausted my valuable time but when I consulted IVY then I was amazed with Srinivas sir’s deeper knowledge in this field. Thank you Haritha mam and team IVY becuase without you I would not have made it to Australia.

I like this consultancy because , it showed me path of light when i was walking in the dark of queries in my head to achive my dollar dreams. I wont refer it as a consultancy, i would rather perfer to refer it as our own family; because business is not done with the family members.

IVY overseas, One of the best consultancy services in Andhra & Telengana ever I met with. Mr Srinivas, a good friend, guide and better Person always thrive for student success. Team IVY always put the best of them make us succeed with a mine of information and pleasant welcome which make you feel home not a consultancy.

Reach Mr. Srinivas @9966 19 5000 for any info anytime for sure success

The team at IVY Overseas and the information and counselling they do are second to none, infact the best in the city of Hyderabad. Talk to Srinivas @ 9966 19 5000 and experience it for yourself. Study Overseas = IVY Overseas. I have gotten my visa for the University of Adelaide. Thanks to Haritha, Rajan and Archana. Keep up the good work all the time

IVY overseas hyderabad is best consultancy services to students who ever planning to study in aboard. I must specialy thank to srinivas bongarala and rajan sir. Team ivy always put the best of them to see your sucess with a lot of information and pleasant welcome which make us to feel has a home.

It has been a great and rewarding experience with IVY overseas. I am highly obliged to the IVYoverseas for helping me with my visa application process. My couslers guided me at every stage, especially SRINIVAS sir and HARITHA madam. The staff is extremely supportive and friendly. It has been a great experience being associated with IVYoverseas and would highly recommended it to others in future. Thanks to IVY for whatever you did.

I first of all Thank God for guiding me to right the place. IVY OVERSEAS is the best place i have ever found for their services of consulting the students. Now i am in Canada and i am proud that i came here with the help of Mr. Srinivas Rao sir’s guidance. The service they do was far more excellent and dedicated than i expected. Right from the beginning of my process till i took my flight to Canada, they helped me a lot and took care of me to reach the destination and settle safely. I am proud to be a part of IVY Family. I wish you all success in the future.


Team IVY is the coolest and most supportive group of people I have ever met in any consultancy.

Initially I made wrong decisions for my future study and exhausted my valuable time but when I consulted IVY then I was amazed with Srinivas sir’s deeper knowledge in this field. Thank you Haritha mam and team IVY becuase without you I would not have made it to Australia.

It has been a great and rewarding experience with IVY overseas. I am highly obliged to the IVYoverseas for helping me with my visa application process. My couslers guided me at every stage, especially SRINIVAS  sir and HARITHA madam. The staff is extremely supportive and friendly. It has been a great experience being associated with IVYoverseas and would highly recommended it to others in future. Thanks to IVY for whatever you did.

IVY Overseas is the finest consultancy. Every student is benefitted with the best edge of knowledge about the country you opt.I was very successful with the suggestions and structured analysis given by Srinivas bongarala, which paved my entry to MBA from Charles sturt University, Australia. Whole team of IVY took part, right from the university section till my visa launch.Special thanks to Haritha for having patience with my queries. AND FOR my presence in Australia is, IVY is one of the major reasons. Thank you.

I am extremely thankful to “Tulasi (ivyoverseas)” for guiding me in my quest to pursue my secondary education in the Canada. I was referred by one of my friend who was actually doing her Visa process from ivyoverseas. I was not a registered member and i had some doubt regarding GIC account opening. I called her and she guided me. She supported me in my visa application process which included GIC account opening and query related to completing visa application forms. She is very proactive. Keep doing the good work, wish you all the best and thank you once again. I would definitely recommend Tulasi and ivyoverseas for visa related process to my friends.

Hi IVYoverseas,

It’s a great pleasure for me to tell you about my overseas education permit. It was a great experience to tie up with your team, especially Mr. Srinivas and Vivek. They helped me a lot and boosted me up with an energetic counsellings, live examples and emotional support. I am able to reach my goal just because of your support. I thank every one of s.r.nagar team for their work especially Haritha and Archana.


Finally I reached Melbourne. The counseling given by Haritha was excellent. This is the 3rd consultancy since I tried for overseas studies. And my dream came true here. Haritha was excellent in counseling and she is so much proactive,which helped my application to process faster. And Srinivas sir guidance was excellent. Thank you so much to Ivy overseas. I will never forget the good happend with this consultancy. I will recommend everyone I know .

It is one of the best educational consultants in Hyderabad, its unique process makes every thing easy for students to understand, and there professional team will make sure you reach your dream destination for abroad studies. “

    Thank you team Ivy..  ?

Dear Ivy consultancy,

Good morning. I am glad to share the good news of my visa approval with you. Sriharsha has referred me to your Consultancy and I feel I have taken the right decision by opting for your Consultancy. Specially I thank Tulasi for rendering her support and wishes all the time. Going forward I will refer my friends to your Consultancy. Last but not least, I thank all Ivy Consultancy staff for their excellent service.

Very great thankful to IVY overseas Hyderabad and special thanks to Srinivasa rao sir for the perfect guidance about the course and its future, it’s very best consultancy, I met lot of consultancy but they didn’t given me valuable guidance.once again thanks srinavasa rao sir and Haritha mam for helping me.

Thank you is NOT SUFFICIENT for all the things you have done sir@ Srinivasa Rao Bongarala its a big pleasure for me regarding my success..its all because of your guidance and timing..especially the way of ur presentation builds our confidence even more..I think IVY is the right place to get great suggestions about our career..i heart fully thank haritha madam for all the background support and for the precious work that u have done..each and every person in ivy is friendly and talkative..thank u all.

Dedication done by the team is really awsome…. And srinivas sir you are really amazing… The Best hyd … i have went to different consultancies and lost money for admisions by trusting them… But IVY overseas is The best so far i met in Hyderabad.. The work process is excellent …

I will be always thankful to IVY Overseas and most importantly Srinivasa Rao Bongarala Sir, for his expert guidance helping me finding the right course and college. The minute I met this great personality I had a positive feeling that I came to the right place. He has a excellence of closely studying the skills and educational background of the candidate and then decide what is good for them in terms of University/College & Course. Any university or college no matter what country IVY Overseas is the right help tool. I have referred many friends and relatives to consult Srinivasa Sir now they are all abroad graduated and working for reputed organizations. I strongly recommend IVY Overseas and thanks to each one of them who are part of IVY Overseas helping students finding them right path to all those who have desire to study abroad.

I would like to thank you for your excellent service’s that I received at IVY OVERSEAS! My special thanks to the team for the wonderful job you did in every step to my successful visa and guidance to study overseas.. thank you IVY TEAM!


I really got satisfied with IVY.GO IVY.

The best commitment I ever found with them thank you Tulasi madam thank you ram sir pavan sir all done a great work and I got visa finally ����

I got very friendly staff which supported me for applying universities , they always gave me my choice as preference and gave all information about the university fees,cost of living,etc . People here are really helpful, very welcoming and warm. Coming to IVY,it relieves your stress, they are back of you at every step from applying to universities to final visa processing. They respond quickly to any queries, Thank you very much for your services. I am glad I came here. Finally, A big thanks for Srinivas Sir, the person who responds to every request in a timely manner. Communicates personally to ensure that they are satisfied and that their needs are being met.And Finally I Can Say A Man Of His word.

Thank u very much to the IVY team for supporting me the total team management was excellent marvelous they way coordinating with students i liked very much from you thanks for your team support @srinivasa rao, rajan sir and haritha last but not least neelima lakshmi.


I will be always very thankful to Mr. Srinivas Rao Bongarala sir for his extraordinary guidance to choose a right path and I will also be very thankful for IVY OVERSEAS HYDERABAD and especially I am thankful to Haritha madam..

Wonderful team, To keep it Simple – very cooperative & Friendly team.(MAKE A CUSTOMER NOT MONEY) THIS QUOTE WILL BEST SUITS THE IVY OVERSEAS. They guided me & helped me a lot & gave me the best information where I wasn’t able to find in other Consultancies. Best In Hyderabad.

Qualified,honest and truthful assessment of profiles.A go getter team with high success rate for visas and admissions. Everything a student requires for his dreams in Overseas EducTion sector. All the best team Ivy.


Very good consultancy and visa guidance is excellent .I am very happy.

Excellent guidance and support from everyone…and a special thanks to tualsi madam.

Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania, Europe.The experience with IVY is nothing less than a roller coaster ride. For sure success with your case, contact #team IVY. God bless you team.


I don’t know why but I am feeling a bit nostalgic. For me IVY was mostly Tulasi madam. I never felt that she was my consultant. She was always a sister to me. I am not from Vizag. It was very hesitating when I came here first, but she guided, infact worked equally hard with me till I obtained study permit from Canadian High Commission. Where ever I go, whoever I be in the future – I will keep the memories of IVY in my heart. Thanks for everything.

“A simple thank is not at all enough to Express my gratitude to “Tulasi”.! The major bond between we two is just which made this success. My Special thanks & love for Tulasi who worked out very hard, at times even in the late night. I also thank Srinivasa Rao Sir for his support. I thank the whole “IVY Team” who worked for me without knowledge. Choose IVY as your Partner to Achieve your Key doors for the Successful goal….!!!”

I’m very blessed to have the members of IVY for their constant help and support in each and every aspect starting from preparation to receiving my visa.  My Special thanks to Ram Sri for being very supportive and motivating in every way. Even the non-teaching staff – Neelima is very helpful in every way possible to guide me.


Thanks for the IVY Overseas Team for their support all along the process. Right from the university selection to visa they have been very supportive especially when it comes to Satish Chandra sir irrespective of whatever time and whatever issue it is he was very patient in answering all my queries.  My best wishes and regards to the entire team. Thanks for rendering me required support.

Finally, got my Visa. This is my first overseas journey “Thank You” for the process. Actually the word thank you is not enough for the help. IVY is like a family for me, got the best guide for me. I owe to Neelima, Ram Sir for their help and they were reality available for me at any time of the day, I never felt like is formal work of visit whenever I meet them. There a lots of words to put and express but for now I am ending again with a thank you, since few feelings cannot be put in words.


Happy to get my education process done through IVY Team (Vizag). Thanks for your support. Only one word I can say “You people are like bridges for students, who want to fullfill their dreams in their lives.

I am writing this at the heat of the moment of getting Visa. Firstly I should say thanks to Neelima & Ram, for bearing me these 4 months, as I use to go to them almost every day regarding my Visa process. A consultancy should have people, who should motivate students and be with them every stage, as their higher education is the major step for every student and I can see people here with such qualities in abundance. What more can a student expect, other than a consultancy like “IVY” keep going.


It’s been a long journey with IVY family. I am very blessed to have the member of the family. They guided in each and every step to achieve my future goals. Specially Thanks to Ram Sir, Neelima Mam, Chinni Bhiya, Pavan and Tulsi mam for supporting in every stage. Lot to say but no words. I am very impressed and motivated by the way my brother (Ram Kumar) told me about future planning and carrier and finally my confusion fever had gone and very happy to face my future. Sorry to Neelima mam for making irritation during processing time U should be a right path for my career choice and guidance. I am very much thankful to IVY Family.

The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciated for goodness my cup overflows.

I am Sathwik, I am very much satisfied with the hospitality of the staff. They are very humble and energetic. They always respond to request at every odd time. Staff especially Neelima mam and Ram Kumar are come responsible persons from my attending of admission and visa in Australia. I will be forever into debt of this respectable consultancy.

This is Ravi Shankar ,i got my visa.iam very much happy with the way of receiving by IVY.i heart fully suggest many people to go to ivy.I hope it should  be the best at each and every i really have a good trust on them once again. Thank u very much all.




When i was planning for my masters ,i was totally confused by Grace of God,i entered in IVY where i got guidance about the path and they gifted my dreams came true.Love u all,Thank u.

IVY has supported me at every stage of the process from admission to  till getting visa granted.It has always shown unconditional love in guiding me  to the right university. My parents and i would be very thankful to ivy,one of the most genuine and fair consultant in the market .

I don’t want to restrict myself sitting just only comments,but i will narrate my experiences.i waited  almost two longs to make my dream came true!,After my bachelors ,i met a great human being  “RAM” who gave me best,latest information and assurance,After successful completion of ielts,am fortune to work with team ivy and its great feeling to work as ielts backup trainer,i feel very fortune to work with ram and team .Thanks for your love and affection to my team.


I am very much impressed and motivated by the way ram sir told me about future plannings and carrier,at last my total confusion  had gone away and very happy to face my future.I learned how to be friendly with others from Neelima mam,she made my ideas to keep in a clear path for my  bright future